Terms and conditions

Payment method

All our invoices are payable on receipt without discount, except for special conditions confirmed in writing on our part. Depending on the nature and amount of the order, a down payment may be requested.

Delivery tolerance

For technical reasons, the delivery tolerance could be 3 to 10% of the quantity ordered for certain items. The quantity actually delivered will be charged. For samples, a management fee may be charged.

Delivery time

Delays in delivery in the event of force majeure do not give the buyer the right to cancel or refuse his order.

Good to shoot

Signing a voucher to draw clears the supplier's full responsibility, even for uncorrected errors that could involve mock-ups.

Movies, clichés, embroidery cards

All films, photographs and embroidery cards remain in our possession. The obligation to keep them may not exceed 3 years from the last order.


Due to the nature of the media, inks and printing/manufacturing techniques, colour differences are inevitable. Therefore, they cannot be the subject of claims.


Any reproduction of a drawing or motif made on the order of a client incurs sole liability for the latter in the event that commercial or artistic property is claimed by a third party.

Property reserve

The delivered goods remain the property of the seller until the bill is paid out completely.


The buyer is required to immediately check the goods supplied. Any complaint must be addressed in writing to the seller within 10 days of receiving the order.
In the event of an error on our part, the defective goods will be replaced. The order cannot be cancelled by the buyer. The seller reserves the right to cancel the order if he is unable to fulfill his commitments due to force majeure or fortuitous cases. Under no circumstances does the buyer have the right to claim damages.
The seller's claims derived from this contract are not subject to compensation.


Shipments are made at the recipient's risk, peril and expense

Commitment and for

Only the text of our terms and conditions is decisive. The legal for is in Nyon.